Usually I really lazy to do those tags. Haha but dono why tis time I will willing to do ah bee punya tag xD.

Here are the 50 facts about me:~
1. I love Jesus.

2. I love my family.

3. I love my true friends.

4. I love Ayumi hamasaki( Japanese singer), love her since form 3 til

5. Love to chit chat in msn/sms more thn talking in phone.

6. My favorites food- Temakizushi, tako-tako , some food without bones?= =”

7. I like singing. Although sing til not nice :D but I stil got a lot sing K kaki.

8. Scare walk alone at night or some place that is give me the feeling weird weird or feeling dangerous? hmm..

9. I dun like to cross road! Especially many cars..i really blur *-*”

10. Love to read novel or magazines.

11. Hate ppl touch my hair.. cz I scare it become messy !haha

12. I love Green. It is nice a nice colour for me I think?:D

13. I m poor. Haha so anyone got freelance job introduce to me?

14. I m emotional? But I now always trying hard to control myself ;)

15. I sleep early and wake up early.

16. I like Dachshund.

17. I hate empty promise.

18. I like to c ppl dancing. And hope can learn it oso.

19. I love shopping.

20. I hope 1 day I can visit to Japan or Italy^ ^~

21. I love flowers.

22. I like to look at moon or stars in the sky.

23. Hate ppl say foul words.

24. I m slow and always can’t catch up what my fren talk about.

25. I always BLUR=_=’’

26. I want to learn guitar or cello. Haha any1 can provide me the instrument & free teachin me? Hahah siao! xD

27. I like exercise but I m lousy=,=

28. I m long hair girl .

29. I scare bugzz!!

30. I love ppl who sayang me..hahaha especially my MUMMY~~~~^^~

31. My English is poor-,-

32. I dun hv car license.

33. I love NIKE dunk.

34. I hate ppl backstab me.

35. I hate ppl “yuen wong”(Cantonese) me= =”

36. Anti the colour of PINK!

37. I so shy if first meet wif any fren.

38. I will 38 if u noe me longer time edi xD

39. Hate those ppl was not respects me.

40. I like cold more then hot weather.

41. I like to drink plain water-,-“

42. but sometimes I will prefer coffee too =)

43. I always juz like deaf and cant heard ppl talking wat to me -_-

44. I always dream during sleeping. =( I dowan…who can help me?

45. I m SLIM? But my face is

46. I wan to learn cook cz until now I oso dono how to cook.

47. I hate eating those food is HOT! Not spicy I mean but something really “hot”.

48. I m PISCES.

49. I wear spec.

50. I like the number of ‘3’.


xy said...

u reali very free o?

Florence said...

hahaha let u noe more abt me ma!no good meh ?lol uwek!

ham said...

hey...write many time i will find u go yam cha de ok...wit pooi kee a...haha....

Highwind said...

oh sim yen..find her go yum cha enough la...haha........

Endy said...

can noe ur thing in here all sekali gus....wakakaka....

Florence said...

reply ham & isaac: hahaha sure sim yen find me yum cha la..haha dowan find u tis naughty !wakekeke hoh ?kitty ? =P

reply endy:hahah welcome to noe me ~=)

mo said...

u forgot to said that u r CHEAP???

Florence said...

wait i m not cheap lo!
u oni cheap! bluekz @@!!

Highwind said...

haha...i dun like the color if PINK also...but i dunno y got many ppl like it lo....

Florence said...

reply isaac: haha if light pink i stil can accept la..if those too over 1 really beh tahan xD