Happy Birthday to YOU!


Mummy Happy Birthday~!

Ermmm..what i can say is...

i really love my mom a lot..

ntg can describe how deep i love her xD

HEHEHE~no matter what happen...

I M really LOVE u always always & alwAYS!!!!!

-Greentea Cake-

-This is another jelly cake for her-


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KMS~ wish that u happy all the time~

glad that meet u in Cyc.. =)

when free we muz siao together like last days we at camp there..

LOL really funny...i really wont forget the moments xD

Anyway dun eat so much snacks anymore la..

cz eat so much snacks not good for health..& will gemuk too~

i dun hv another photo of mun suet with her bday cake..

tats y i terpaksa put tis pic got me at behind there laugh like

siao lang!

arghhh so malu xD


xy said...

haha happy birthday^^

Florence said...

haha some1 bday coming too hoh?xD

xy said...

who who who???

Florence said...

the ppl bday b4 xmas..
so kek 1 !! she always crazy crapping around~LOL! xP

xy said...

that's not crazy
that's CUTE XD

hanyi said...

Happy belated birthday AUNT~

Florence said...

reply xy: cute?=___= ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

reply hanyi: ty!