Happy birthday to Robin~

Happy birthday to u~
haha u r the very good leader ..
u take care of every1 in the group~
tQ very much :) have a nice day~
n sry for bcz didnt attend ur party due to some "probs"
LOL! anyway wish u happy always n always~yoohoo~


LiGhT said...

veli sweet, now i realise the greeting is under ur PoSTss...
haha, thanks for the greeting and purposely post a post for me...i felt veli honour le.
niway, continue fire up for Jesus and i really hope tat after CG split u all will fully support yiping, i know u guys will!!
dnt give up on the current situation, look forward...! u also can become a CG leader in the future..!!

Florence said...

haha amen.
& u r welcome :D
memang late de la u nii..now oni come post comment..haha