Happy Valentines Days

Never notice..it is 1 and a half year ++ with u edi..
What Tastes we also face before..
sweet sour bitter rojak also have in our relationships..
But Hope it can be further more and more that i cant see :X
Because tomorrow is Monday and also Valentines..
so we plan our celebrate at Sat which means on yest :D
Is a simple 1 but nice 1..
although dun hv wat nice food or present...
But I hope it is Great day and Special moment for us :)
Happy Valentines Day to u TCH. :)
And also to my friends that is in relationships and
also those friend which is still single, hope u guys can found a partner too..
Hope Every is HAPPY :) SMILEVVVV


MiÑaKõ said...

nice photo! chin han wearing flower on his heaD? haha xD
couple tee!! nice !
happy valentine :)

Chris said...

好久没留言了, 还好吗?

Florence said...

To minako: hahah not flower la ..is keychain lai de..lol...thanks a lot :) wish u n ur boy happy valentines too

To Chris: Yea i m fine :)

xy said...

Hahaha sweet couple! long long 9 9 ya =D