yea i not believe it,
but that is nothings for me to not believe it anymore,
i really cant believe u r such person!
how come got such ppl 1?
it juz like a puzzle..
when i put it all together..
WHAT a nice story man!!!!!!!!!!
i keep on not believe it but
finally i get d answers..
maybe before that i m really BLIND!
i did wrong, i change..
and u?
why u still not change yet?
why still keep on doing this all..
u really feel happy to do this all?
i don't know why u guys will trust a such person..
r u guys BLIND also?
and i also don't know why i m a such "NICE" people at u guys back..
HAHAHA that's really funny..
i didn't open my mouth also can be so many nice story created...
what can i do anymore..
what can i say anymore..
i juz can say..
yea i m really noob..


hanyi said...

What happened o??Never see you so "gik" de wor...Calm down wor...If not nanti heart attack how??Hehe

Florence said...

haha calm down jor - -""

tCtunA said...
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tCtunA said...

Be strong no matter wat happen!!god is with u^^

Florence said...


mo said...

U hou chi sot jor... anyway be cheers~

Florence said...

haha ya tat time i really so angry..but now edi ha fo..hahaha xD ntg anymore =P