Urgent !!!!!

HeLLo everyone...currently i m working with a survey company....I need find mummy that with kid for doing a survey asking some simple questions and also need her to testing a product (洗衣水) for 2 weeks. So end of this survey will pay u guys RM20 voucher (maybe is jusco voucher, not sure yet).

Beside that, all mummy that interested for this survey must always be prepared for free to come for the Discussion Group on (03December09 7.30pm-10pm) IF YOU HAVE CHOOSE BY COMPANY TO ATTEND THIS DISCUSSION. For end of discussion group will pay u guys RM150 cash. The discussion will be held in the survey office that located at masjid jamek..

Chinese mummy ...
Age20-29 = 2persons
Age30-39 = 2persons
Age40-49 = 1person

Among of them must be 3 of them is working and 2 of them is housewife.

Besides that, among them the current brand that there are using now are 2 of them is using dynamo liquid, 1 person is using top liquid, 1person is using breeze liquid and 1 person using covensational Powder.

So far now stil available...any mummy or you mummy is interested ?
Kindly email to me ur phone number if u are interested.
my email is lemonlipstick@hotmail.com
i will call u or sms u to confirm that u r qualify o not...Thank You.

I really need by today !!!!!! HELP me MY lovely BLOGGER and frens T.T hhuhuhuhu........


Sam Wong said...

sorry ah...I really dunnoe how to help u..
my mummy said dunwant and I also dun have another mummy..haha

Florence said...

To Sam:
anyway thx for helping me ask ur mom :D